If you are thinking about renting property to Tyler Aaron Warner, then you need to know this information.
I reside most of the year outside of the United States and consequently am hard to reach to obtain a reference.
This is my story based on my personal experience with Tyler A Warner. 

To start off I should tell you a little about myself and how I wound up in this situation.

I am a elderly woman who has had 2 open heart surgeries, a hip replacement, colon cancer, cervical cancer and a litany of other health problems over the years.  I fell in love with Mexico and decided that I wanted to move to live in a warm peaceful place for my final years.  There was only one problem.   Yes, you guessed it, finances.  You see I live on a very small social security pension and could not afford to move. 

Then one day I thought, "why not get a modified house sitter/renter to take over my house?"   As luck would have it, a dear friend of mine, Linda Warner, who works for Itron in Spokane had a son that needed a place to live.   I was not in a position to move my furniture out of the house so I made an arrangement with her son, Tyler, to live in my house for a very modest sum (far below the going rate for a rental of a house of this caliber) until such time that I would either sell it or return from Mexico to live in it myself.   Linda Warner could not vouch for her son enough, telling me how good a person he was and how he would take excellent care of my property, yada, yada, yada.   So, after much deliberation (as after all this was and continues to be my biggest investment and primary residence)  I decided he could live in my home.  The arrangement I made with him was that he would pay a modest monthly sum and in return I could, not only leave 80% of my expensive furniture, (i.e. Thomasville bedroom set valued at $15,000) but that since he is a carpenter by trade he would fix a litany of small things around the house that needed repair for just the cost of the materials.

With the exception of installation of a new toilet, which I paid for, a new lock on the glass slider, he did not do one other maintenance item that
he promised me that he would do during his 3 year stay.   He claims that I would not pay for the materials.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I simply asked for price quotes for materials prior to doing any work so that I could budget for the expense.  I also allowed him to deduct from his rent any out of pocket material that we agreed upon.   What could be more fare than this?   You will see one of Arborvitae trees that I paid for via rent reduction on the "deck" page.   As you can see, the tree is DEAD.   In fact it was never planted in the ground.  It is still in the plastic tub that
it came in.

Another agreement was that Tyler Warner made with me was that there would be no smoking, of any kind, in the house.  As I mentioned above,
I have had 2 open heart surgeries, have a very compromised respiratory system, and therefore very sensitive to smoke.  He  PROMISED me that
neither himself  or any other person would  smoke in the house. Of course, as you might suspect by now, he did smoke in the house. My house
is currently so permeated with smoke that people who came to look at some things in the house that I am selling, could hardly stand to
be in my house.   We ended up finishing our conversation in the driveway as I could not tolerate being in there either.  

I contacted a furnace company to set up an appointment to have the furnace serviced.  I was planning on doing this anyway.  I mentioned that
there was a heavy smoker living in the house and that I thought having the ducts cleaned might help alleviate the horrible smell.  This company advised that they did not do duct cleaning and that I should contact DUCTZ.  They advised me that they have to use special products to abate cigarette smoke and that the cleaning estimate, just to have the ducts cleaned would run $300 - $325.  

In the master bedroom was a Thomasville bedroom set complete with 2 pier units and a large
highboy chest of drawers.  Tyler advised that he did not have any king size sheets to fit my bed.
I foolishly agreed to leave my Ralph Lauren king bed sheets, pillow cases, comforter, as well as
the matching towel sets that matched.   Tyler Warner advised me that the Sheets and comforter
ripped and he had to throw them away because they were old.   They were approx. 5 years old
without rips when I left them.
   Click on this picture and you will see that the cost of replacing the sheets alone would be $100.00.
I do not remember exactly what I paid for the comforter, but I think it was in the neighborhood of
$350.00, perhaps a little more as I remember with the sheets, matching decorator pillows, towels,
king size bed skirt, and comforter the total cost was around $750.00.   I have no idea what he did
to the sheets and comforter that caused them to rip beyond repair.  I did find one little Ralph Lauren
hand towel in the laundry room.  The matching Ralph Lauren shower curtain and all the matching
towels are nowhere to be found.  They  must have ripped also!

                                                           The bed that was left for Tyler Warner to use was purchased at Northwest Bedding and
                                                            was a double pillow top king mattress and box spring set. Since he broke our
                                                           agreement of no smoking in the house, the mattress is so heavily laden with the smell
                                                             of old cigarettes that I will never be able to sleep on it again.   In fact,  I don't really
                                                             think I could even sell it to anyone.  It will probably have to be destroyed.
                                                             The cost to replace this mattress and box spring will be over $1600 per Northwest
                                                             Bedding's website.   (Click on picture to the left for larger image) 

Another condition of our  agreement was that I could store my Honda on one side of the garage.   I told him that I would give him plenty of notice before arriving in town to pick up the car for use during my stay in Spokane.  He agreed to this.  

During the summer of 2010, (I do not remember the exact date) I picked up the car and drove it to Phoenix, Az.  The car was there for approx. 1 year.   In June of this year, 2011, I advised Tyler that I would be driving the car back from Arizona and that he needed to make room for it again in the garage.    I drove the car back up to Spokane, arriving on approx. July 8, 2011.   I advised Tyler that the car needed some work and that a friend was going to accommodate me by taking the car to the mechanic, get it fixed, and then would contact him regarding returning the car to the garage as I had to return to Mexico. 

Tyler was contacted several times in efforts to make arrangements to return the car to the garage.   At each turn he threw up roadblocks as to why it would not work for him.  I.e. He did not have time to clear out the space  (he had over 2 months to do this)   The time was not convenient for him,
he insisted that no one was to enter the garage without his being there even if he was given 48hours written notice.   In short, he made it impossible for my friend to accommodate this task.   On the voice mail page of this website you can hear for yourself the voice mails that were left for me.

On numerous phone calls and emails to him  I explained that it was imperative that he accommodate my simple request.  For starters I was paying $145.00 per month for insurance on this car.   If it were in storage and off the street I would not have to incur this expense as the car would not be driven.

Of course there is more to the story.  The fact is that I simply did not want to deal with his attitude, behavior, and abusive voice mails.
I was put into a position to hire a professional property manager to take over the property and to give him legal notice that his month to month agreement was being terminated.

This is a copy of one my last emails to Tyler.  I think this sums it up.   


First of all I would like to make it clear which Tyler Warner is being referred to by this Website.

      1.  The Tyler Warner noted herein is approx 39 years of age
      2.  The Tyler Warner noted herein full name is:    Tyler Aaron Warner
      3.  The Tyler Warner noted herein is over 6 ft tall and has dark hair
      4.  The Tyler Warner noted herein has the following family members.  
                  (a) Linda Y Warner - Mother - who resides at:  3416 South Napa Street - Spokane, W 99203 and is employed by the Itron Corp.
                  (b) Roth Warner, also resides in Washington state and is Tyler's brother
                  (c) Jason Warner is also a brother of Tyler Warner
      5.   The Tyler Warner referenced herein has previously lived in Miami, Fl, Pembroke Pines, Fl and Sunrise, Florida

Ralph Lauren Leopard Sheets

Ralph Lauren Leopard Sheets

Northwest Bedding Pillow Top Mattress Set

Northwest Bedding Pillow Top Mattress Set

      Tyler A Warner
                    Spokane, Washington

This web page is posted to serve as a tenant reference for the above named individual. .
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